All that Jazz

Our Roberto and our Chello and our Viola


LOTTO Hessen scholarship for RPJAM

Tom receives his scholarship for a free ride over 3 years from Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel.


RPJAM at Gießener Kulturfest

with Chello und Max

with Chello und Max


Edguy´s Tobi Exxel in the house

A great clinic and a real good jam at RPJAM.

Tobi 2
Tobi 1

RPJAM and Laith AL Deen



 Die RPJAM durfte dabei sein. Beim Konzert in der neuen Batschkapp durfte die RPJAM bei Aufbau, Soundcheck und dem Konzert mit dabei sein. Vielen Dank Laith!!! Ein toller Tag


We were there. The RPJAM could join a whole day with Laith Al Deen and his crew. Backline, soundchek and the concert itself were amazing. Thanks Laith!!! What a great day


Partnership Richtsbegschule started

Our partnership with Richtsbergschule in Marburg started officially with a giant kick off event. Of course, our bus has to take part at events like this.


Records records

Wow, during this year our lecturers showed their live performances already in front of more than 1 million fans. Concerts like The Scorpions live in Istanbul and soccer world cup parties in Berlin mention just a few.

Bobby Kimball






Drumworkshop with Andy Gillmann

Our drum students and guests took part on a great drum workshop with Andy Gillmann. Thanks Andy and partners Mapex, Sabian and Vic Firth.


Viola made it

All the best, your RPJAM team. We´re glad, we brought you together.


Marc Inti Männel new in our team

With his international reputation Marc fits perfect in our team. Looking forward to our "deep relation" ;)




Tunecore at RPJAM

Stine Mühle at "Tunecore" presented business-strategies for the digital side of music industry. "Thank you"


Subsignal at Musikmesse

Thanks to our friends of Subsignal for their great performance at Musikmesse Frankfurt. Together with our lecturer Dirk Brand you really rocked the Beck´s Open Stage.


Thanks a lot to all particians of our clinics with Michael Sagmeister and Ralf Erkel. Played a lot ....laughed a lot...and became familiar with your guitars and Steinberg software.........see you next time!!!

Marion & Lee




Marion meets...

Marion and Lee Sklar at Musikmesse. Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake) and Bobby Kimball had their "get together" at the RPJAM-Bus.

Curt Cress

Curt Cress

Curt Cress backstage at the Tom Pfeiffer Band concert. (With Marion und PITTI). Thanks for joining the event. A real great pleasure to meet you.


Interview with "Bumblefoot"

Here you find the link to to the interview with Bumblefoot  made at RPJAM. ENJOY!!!


Workshop with Bumblefoot

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Guns´n Roses guitar player was best-tempered during his workshop at the RPJAM (by the way the only one in Germany). He was overrunning  his schedule for only 4 hours. :)) Thanks to ENGL Amps.


Bobby Kimball

3 great days with Bobby in our RPJAM Bus at musikmesse 2014. A few songs at the booth also worked very well. Thanx Bobby, great workshop, great performance.....and a huge amount of fun.


Super Workshops at the RPJAM

Bobby and PITTI presented two amazing workshops at the RPJAM. Thanks a lot!! After that, our limousine brought them to Heidelberg to Martins "red carpet event". Later that evening they performed with the Tom Pfeiffer Band. Together they really rocked the house.

Bobby & Pitti

Diesis at Agora Stage

Martin Häusler

Great Meeting with Martin Häusler

Martin, fotographer of artists like Queen, Meatloaf, Bon Jovi and really many many more gave away his pics in behalf of the "Peter Maffay Stiftung". Great Event, great pictures. (p.s. Marion doesn´t make "Bunny-ears" to Martin, the hand is from the picture behind him).

Here the link





RPJAM at Giessen´s highest stage


Thanks to Victor Smolksi and Almanac




Thanks also to Michael, our drummer in this stunning group, who made all this possible!!!


Check out our new video


Great is the link


Our latest production from RPJAM´s studio department. Thanks to our students, our Lounge Project, Siegelbilder for producing wonderful pictures and cinema Traumstern (Lich)


Great concert with our friends from Mozart Chahine, Beirut

Great music and a lot of fun during our concert. After having Chant, Adel, Walid and Thomas from Beirut with us in the RPJAM. We´re glad to have this beautiful cooperation with the institute Mozart Chahine in Beirut.


German "Bundesrockpreisträger 2014"

Upps....she did it again. Vio and band made it. She´s official "german Rockpreisträger 2014" in categories "best rockpand" and "best single". Great performance!!!


Best Countryband

Congratulation !!!

One of our RPJAM bands got the title again. Great success !!!


Our lecturer Dirk played a lot this summer...


Pitti Hecht

Happy! My proud students of RPJAM Giessen present my Poster, insert in the new drums & percussion magazine- We thank you Heinz and wish you a speedy recovery!