You say:

„Once a week is OK!“


We say:

„Individual support, too!“


The "One-year"

This programm is made for people, who

  •  ... are not able to join a full time education because of family, job etc.
  • ... couldn´t cope the content of our entrance examination in our 3 years running programm, or
  • ... just want to check out, if becoming a music-pro is the right decision for a further career.

Here no entrance-examination is requirered, just a meeting to check out given skills and find contents for an individual course. Therefore we just fix a date.

Once a week the schedule consists out of main study, theory / ear training and live-on-stage playing. More individual solutions are possible. For example Studio / Engineering or a second instrument. After one year a diploma confirms the contents of the education.

If you made up your mind to go further into the direction becoming a professional musician after the "one-year" education, it´s possible to start into the main study without our entrance-examination.

The "one-year" education starts parallel to out main study at march 1st and september 1st each year.