Job description

Music production developed from the collaboration between the producers’ vision of music, the technical responsibilities of the sound engineers and sound technicians, the composers’ idea of the music structure, the musicians who play the song and the mastering studios.

Nowadays these fields are usually combined as responsibilities of one person - the Music Producer / Audio Engineer.
He is also responsible for the market adaption regarding new developments and implementations of today’s rapid changes in the music business.
He is responsible for the overall development and realization until the completion of the production-process, including the arrangement and recording.

Technical and music specific knowledge and skills are his tools he works with and makes him a successful Producer / Programmer in the music business.

Over the past years the music business changed. Music productions diverted from big major labels to small but not less sophisticated smaller labels, productions and publishers.
With Social Media networks and tools like YouTube, Facebook etc. independent production companies are able to promote their works and reach the the general public. And there are many examples how musicians and music productions found their way to the big stages through Social Media.



The elements and courses for this subject are wide ranging compared to the study program for the degree of state proved musician and lecturer. The structure is more demanding adapted to the requirements to music industry developments and to achieve general and specific knowledge of music production related hardware and software. The core competencies also consist of the knowledge how to play and arrange instruments like drums, vocals, guitars, bass next to keyboard and piano, as well as strong communication competencies and skills to communicate with musicians who are involved in this creative process and about ideas and realizations.



content of study:

  • audiotechnical basics
  • soundsynthesis
  • signal flow
  • peripherie units
  • acoustic
  • mikrofoning
  • stereophonic recording techniques
  • produktion
  • mixing
  • mastering
  • livesound
  • keyboard, vocals, drums, bass
  • musik-theory / eartraining
  • live on stage mixing
  • economics
  • music-business / music-law