Go to LACM as RPJAM student with a german degree

Finally both is possible, being a LACM student AND receiving a german degree

How it works...

You plan visiting LACM in Los Angeles to join one of the best 18 month lasting educations worldwide? Ok, check this:

LACM´s AA degree is, although being state of the art due to experiance and authenticity, not accepted by government in Germany because of degree  and duration. Here we start.

After passing the LACM admission test you become a RPJAM student starting March 1st or September 1st each year. While being a RPJAM student you join the LACM education. After returning to Germany your LACM credit results are switched into the RPJAM credit-point-system. You stay with us in our 3rd year of education for being focused on your final projects and didactic skills. You prepare for your final exams and receive, after passing, your state approved diplomas musician and music-teacher.

All that within 3 years including financial aids.


Your direkt way to LACM


Or in short terms...

The LACM education

  • admission test for LACM
  • log-on as RPJAM student
  • finacial aids for the whole period
  • moving to L.A.
  • adapting LAMA results in RPJAM credit-point-system
  • final exams state approved