"Is it for everybody"?

"Yes, sure"!


Musicschool at RPJAM

Next to our programs running 3 or 1 year, we, of course, provide regular, weekly music lessons for kids and adults guided by qualified teachers.


fees Musicschool at RPJAM

Music lessons are charged as annual fees divided through 12 equal monthly payments, independent due holidays. This payment is booked until the 5th of every month.


Single lesson             30 Minuten/Woche         70,- €/Monat       840,- €/Jahr

Single lesson             45 Minuten/Woche       105,- €/Monat    1.260,- €/Jahr   

Single lesson             60 Minuten/Woche       130,- €/Monat    1.560,- €/Jahr


Individual 10s cards

Here you can arrange individual schedules, interesting for e.g. adults that can not observe a weekly fixed date.

10s card 30 minutes    250,- €

10s card 45 minutes    360,- €

10s card 60 minutes    470,- €