Get your "bachelor of music" by RPJAM and LACM

Finally both is possible, "state proved musician and teacher" and your "bachelor of music"

How it works...

You get your degree "bachelor of music" after finishing a 2 or 3 years lasting education at RPJAM.  The education at LACM is divided into 12 quarters. With your RPJAM degree and a succesful application test you´re able to start in quarter 7 and after passing your exams successfully you carry your title "bachelor of music" after another 1,5 years in LACM´s programm. After, if you did not already, in the 3rd didactic year at RPJAM you receive the european titels "state proved musician and music teacher".


Your direkt way to LACM


Or in short terms...

The LACM education

  • BAföG supported education at RPJAM for 2 years
  • Move to L.A.
  • Start in quarter 7 of 12
  • degree as "Bachelor of music"
  • degree as "state proved musician and music teacher" in RPJAM´s 3rd year
  • BAföG support through the entire programm