Peter Fischer and our guitar player


Guitar Work Out

In this 10 week class at the beginning of the course, basic elements of proper playing technique e.g. optimized finger movements as well as effective learning techniques are discussed.

Chord Concepts

The Chord Concepts class is a systematic layout of the fingerboard from a chordal point of view.

Single String Concepts

In 80 units, the Single String Concepts lessons feature all improvisational tools and playing techniques for modern lead guitar playing.

Music Styles

All relevant guitar styles are being treated in this 120 week long course. In segments of 10 weeks each, general stylistic elements, influential players as well as rhythm and solo guitar concepts are analyzed and practised in class. There is also a good amount of essential listening to historic recordings involved.

LOS – Live On Stage workshop

Corresponding to the Music Styles class students of all instruments meet and play assigned tunes.

Music & Reading

Everyone can learn how to read and write music. This is a modern and unique approach to reading music on guitar.

Private Lesson

In 30 minutes per week each student gets together with his private teacher to monitor his individual progress at RPJam.