„This is Bassic Stuff“


Bass Lines
The development of bass lines is the most important task for a bassist.
This subject is addressed by listening and analyzing as well as by practical exercises.
Focus is given to timekeeping, stylistic elements and flexibility.

Music Styles
Listening, learning and the analysis of different music styles and bass artist will be used to find inspiration, learn the repertoire and the function of the bass in a band situation.

The main playing techniques (Pizzicato, Slap, Picking, Harmonics) and some more modern ones, rhythm and practice techniques are discussed. The focus is on clarity and ease of playing (endurance).

Theory and fretboard information that we need to make music the way we wanted and to discover new possibilities.

The modern development of the bass has opened new concepts and playing technicques that are still to discover.
Playing melodies, improvising, chords, playing with different sounds will be observed and used according to taste.