Marion Krämer            CEO

•    organisation/    structure
•    scientific management
•    business management
•    education financing
•    mediation
•    administration


Andreas Dieruff            CEO

•    coordination
•    education plans / schedule
•    BAföG
•    technical management
•    lecturer
•    administration


Luca Krämer                 Administration


  • communication and international contact

In august 2008 the RPJAM started its education programm. Since this time Marion and Andreas lead the academy and represent as school administration this state proved institution.

"With our location in Gießen we created perfect 2500 squarefoot tall conditions for our students and lecturers". The central position, the traffic connection by public transport, adequate parking facilities, a wide surrounding "out in the green" and close to the center of Gießen lead to outstanding external factors.

We support your movement to Gießen while finding adequate appartments and ensure that lodgers and renters get together.

All labs, studios and rehearsal rooms can be used by our students from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. This works also at the weekends, bank holidays and during holiday seasons.

We welcome you in Gießen!!!