Our Lecturers

The secret of our quality are our lecturers. For sure we are very proud, to have them in the RPJAM.


Peter Fischer

Peter Fischer

Europes most successful author of electric guitar literature. His books like Rock Guitar Basics, the Masters of Rock serial, or Survival Guitar are released in german, english, italian and chinese language. Our guitar-head.



Ole Rausch

As guitar-player of Laith Al Deen he is a fixed size in the german rock and pop szene. Also in the studio he is a gladly seen guest.



Andreas Dieruff

Here the CEO still plays by himself. As owner and lecturer Andras is shure omnipresent. After more than 3000 international live performances and 20 years experience as lecturer he loves to transfer his knowledge to our students. Live you can hear himwith the Tom-Pfeiffer-Band and other serveral projects.




Dirk Brand

Dirk Brand

One of Germany´s best booked live and studio drummers and as author and endorser vor Mapex and Roland known worldwide.


Timo Ickenroth

Timo Ickenroth

As live and studio drummer and product specialist for Roland he is well known to a wide audience. As lecturer he runs an own institute.


Pitti Hecht

Pitti Hecht

As LP endorser and rhythm section of Toto, The Scorpions and many more Pitti is familiar to all big stages worldwide.


Dejan Nikolic




Dejan Nikolic

Dejan is a succesful live drummer and professional lecturer. With his band "Diary of dreams" he joins the biggest festivals worldwide. At the RPJAM he is a real good skilled and reliable team member.





Da Chello

A superb live singer and moreover this well known in Austria. He ist speciaslized on technical skills of the "instrument voice". Styles like Hip Hop, Pop Rock and Singer / Songwriter are his trademark.




Claudio Zanghieri

Claudio Zanghieri

As one of the best Jazz and Fusion bass players in Europe he is not only lecturer for bass guitar, he is also head of our bass-department.
Latest works:
Claudio Zanghieri "Envisions" (Jazzsick, DE);
MCM "Two+Two" (Philology, ITA);
Christoph Spendel "Harlem Nocturne" (Blue Flame, DE)




Tobias Exxel


Worldwide success with Edguy, and an actual album no #2 in german charts "Space Police- Defenders of the crown ". On tour with Aerosmith, Deep Purple and The Scorpions. Moreover Edguy baseplayer of Blind guardian, Gamma Ray and guitar player at Unisonic, Doro Pesch a.m.m

Tobias Exxel transmits fun and joy while playing and wants to give his students exactly this as basics for successful teamwork, for their songwriting and performing as one unit.



Marc Inti Männel

Thr german-bolivian Bass-Player has grown up in Frankfurt and got in touch with th bass-guitar from his early ages. Studying abroad in London and New York made him become a very flexible Player, home-based in different music-styles while traveling all over the world.
Credits like Brian "Robbo" Robertson, Rick Vito, Jeff Young, Jan Akkerman, Mike Stern, Jerry Donahue, Eamonn McCormack, Paul Shigihara, Torsten de Winkel, Karthik Mani & Karnataka College of Percussion, Kirk Fletcher, Tarq Bowen and others.
Since 2004 Marc plays Markbass Cabinets & Amps, his favorite setup consists of “NewYork 122” & Nano Mark 300” and “Standard 104HF & Little Mark Tube 800”.
combined with Deeflexx System & Godin Instruments.
More information here:


Thomas Hromatka

Thomas Hromatka

Thomas finished his studies at the university of Siegen and Colone. For more than 25 years he works as piano and keyboard player and arranger. His genres are Pop, Blues, Funk and Jazz. At the RPJAM hes the head for keyboards / piano, theory, eartraining and workflow.




Bum Suk Kim

As head of our classic department located at "Tonhalle" in Colone Bum Suk is also in Gießen the perfect lecturer for classic music. His international reputation is a big benefit for our education on the piano and lifts this part of our education onto the next level.


Sandra Richard

Sandra is our lecturer for saxophone and transverse flute. Equipped with the "master of music" diploma she is an experienced educator and more over this a stunning live-musician.


Christoph Deuser

Our qualified expert for Producing / Programming. A state prooved Audio Engineer with a lot of live experience also as live mixer for e.g. "Cowboy 23" and "Bigband der Bundeswehr".

Bernd Giezek

Prof. Dr. Bernd Giezek

As scientist of economics and owner of an own record label he is the perfekt contact person referring to the economic side of music biz. Moreover this he is our lecturer for our course economic basics.


Chihan Gerikoglu

Cihan Gerikoglu

Social networking, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Google and many more... Marketing consists more and more out of profiles and rankings. Cihan leads you through this world of media and moreover this you find him abroad leading our U.S. department. As celebrity you find him in german TV.