A lot of ways to finance your education

Financing options

Financing options

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As a Technical High School we are to be found under Rock Pop Jazz Akademie Mittelhessen gGmbH in the Hessian training centre list. Moreover the application is always issued in the home residence of the student. The application is submitted to a residence beyond Germany here with us in Giessen. The „Schüler-BAföG“ to be applied must not be paid back. 


For the last both years of the education an educational loan KFW can be applied. This is to be paid back after ending of the study with a small payment of interest. The loan is limited to 300 euro per month. The advantages are, that to carry out the application is relatively simply and the support is independent of income.


Per new school year Lotto Hessen, awards a scholarship about the total of the three-year-lasting education. On this occasion, a gifted student who does not have at disposal just like that the financial means should receive the possibility of the education in the RPJAM. As a countermove the student provides a short videoblock to every concluded semestre to Lotto Hessen.

Moreover the conditions of participation are to be signed and the entrance examination must be recorded on video up to the 15th of july of every year. After this deadline Lotto Hessen decides, who receives the scholarship

You find terms and conditions in our download area.