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„That was great!“


"Where can I work with my RPJAM graduation?"

This is often placed and also quite important, if not even “the most important” question concerning the study to the RPJAM. With education blocks that make our students experienced and style-safe musicians, they are familiar to stage experience and life-situations. Due to our studio course and the workout on their own recording-project, the students are well prepared for studio tasks. Provided with the appropriate background concerning the business and the legal area as well as the economical knowledge, the step into independence is well prepared.

Together with our partner "Music Camp" we are able to offer you a guidance to open up your own music institute. Topics like advertising, office administration, organisation, taxes, software, billing will be worked out and enable you to start into your own self employed music business without fear or restrictions.


Here a few examples


Our graduates are among other things successfully active as

  • winner of "Deutscher Rockpreis" 2014, 2015, 2016 categories "best single", "best rockband", "best countryband"
  • Owner of own drumschools
  • Winners of the "Hessischer Rock und Pop Preis"
  • Guitar players in musical ensembles
  • Drummer of a internationally success-calibrate Gothik Rock Band
  • Guitar-student of the Hanover college of music
  • Singer in the cultural scene of Berlin
  • Product specialist at Roland, Bose, Mapex, Session Music
  • Lecturer on free and VDM music-schools
  • Studio singer in different international projects
  • Guitar teacher in London / Great Britain
  • Music instrument retailer ...
  • "Universal"-artist

This is the sound when we start playing.....

Viola Tamm & band

Third eye open