Application for fall still possible

Apply for our fall courses beginning September 4th. Get ready for audio engineering and our instruments. Als o the one year educational programm works for you until end of August.......More infos office@rpjam.de


You will find even more events in news!


Video mit Thomas Hromatka our Head of the key-department

Video Thomas Hromatka


Here you find the video of Thomas, our head for keys



My day at RPJAM


This is, how a day of our student Marc looks like:  Watch this



Video Judith Erb

Here you find the video of Judith, our head for vocals



Raphael at Open Flair !!!




One of these bands, that developed at RPJAM:



Video with Peter Fischer and our guitar players


Here you find the video of our guitar department......very worth seeing!!!



The video of our audio engineer department

Audio Engineer / Music Producer


Check out our new video


Great stuff....here is the link



Our latest production from RPJAM´s studio department. Thanks to our students, our Lounge Project, Siegelbilder for producing wonderful pictures and cinema Traumstern (Lich)


Victor Smolki´s Almanac with our Michael


Dirk Brand for our drum department


Here you find our drum depatment video



Interview with our vocalcoach Chello




Our vocalcoach Chello

Here you get in touch with our vocalcoach Chello. He tells you about his work and shows great exaples, how his lessons changed the voice of his students. MARVELLOUS!!!



These guys play like this .........unbelivable.... click the pic


Nico and Martin rocking with their band......check this out


New in our team

Neu im Team




Worldwide success with Edguy, and an actual album no #2 in german charts "Space Police- Defenders of the crown ". On tour with Aerosmith, Deep Purple and The Scorpions. Moreover Edguy baseplayer of Blind guardian, Gamma Ray and guitar player at Unisonic, Doro Pesch a.m.m

Tobias Exxel transmits fun and joy while playing and wants to give his students exactly this as basics for successful teamwork, for their songwriting and performing as one unit.




During the training the student does not only become acquainted with all important playing techniques and theoretical aspects of the instrument as well as the development of her/his own musical personality but will also obtain a sound knowledge of methodical and didactical capabilities. As a graduate of the program you will be a skilled teacher who is able to professionally introduce his students to their instruments.

We do thank our partners Volksbank Mittelhessen and Lotto Hessen. Their support enables further projects to our students.

main study

main study

You are a musician or you are passionate about music? You are eager to make a living out of music – as a musician or music teacher? We can help you to reach your goal by providing you a sound an comprehensive education. And a state-approved degree. For a future without question marks.

one year education

one year education

Here you get the chance to approach professional music business in one year of education. Once a week you join our pro's and get the whole programme: your main course instrument, music theory / ear training and the Live-on stage-course within one of our bands.



Our lecturers. Find out who will accompany you and your musical studies in the next three years. Furthermore, we have several guest lecturers who hold seminars and give workshops.


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